Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Stephanie Fowers' "Rules of Engagement"

Okay, so I admit I stayed up half the night freezing in the living room, wrapped in a blanket reading this because I couldn't put it down and didn't dare read it in bed (like I usually do) because I was laughing too hard and would certainly have woken my husband. Stephanie Fowers has two humorous romances out, and several other books in the works. Here's the blurb for her first one, Rules of Engagement:

It isn't about fun, it's about marriage

Samantha Skyler is determined to find the right man, except the wrong man keeps getting in the way.

"There are four noncommittal males in the LDS dating scene: Mr. Friendly, Mr. Flirty, Mr. "Fraid, and Mr. Freaked out."

Mr. Friendly is friendly to everyone…so friendly that all the girls love him, but no one knows who he really likes. In fact, he probably doesn't even know himself. It wouldn't be nice to have favorites.
Mr. Flirty can always be depended on for a scandalous comment. He melts the hearts of each girl in his ward, though no one has the skill to melt his heart in return…if he even has a heart.
Mr. "Fraid gives all the signals of interest, but he doesn't make a move. There is no way of knowing if he is shy or just not interested, so no one will go anywhere with him, not even to dinner.
And finally there is Mr. Freaked out. He asks the girls out, but when it comes to commitment, he runs out. Such a shame.

These are the men that Samantha Skyler, a BYU coed, has set her sights

"You see, I have a problem, a big problem…guys. And I always like the wrong one."

After breaking up with Mr. Freaked Out (Marcus Gray), Samantha is determined to find and woo a guy that won't turn on her. But she is completely inexperienced at the game of love…until she meets up with Harrison Bean, a condescending student from Britain who condescends to put Samantha and her roommates under his wing:

Now, the only snag to snagging a guy is that Mr. Freaked out has discovered Samantha's plot for the manhunt and is determined to sabotage all her efforts.

To learn more, check out Stephanie's totally revamped website. You can also read about her other books, check out her fun and funny music videos, and find the link to buy her book. Traditionally books about college students are considered YA, but I honestly think this is much funnier if you've actually been to college first--especially if you've been to a school that is primarily LDS.

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