Friday, October 23, 2009

"Life in the Pit" by Kristen Landon

This is a fun teen read about a girl who plays in the school orchestra, with mystery and romance woven together. Here's the blurb.

Brittany sees her life reflected in her high school’s musical production.

Her best friend, Amanda, shines on stage as the star of the play, while Brittany is an invisible member of the pit orchestra.

Amanda has a new boyfriend every week, while Brittany doesn’t date much at all.

Brittany believes the only time guys talk to her is when they are using her to get closer to Amanda.

When the male star of the play starts to pay attention to Brittany, she has difficulty accepting that he is sincere.

Meanwhile, an anonymous note-writer threatens to destroy the play, Amanda and Brittany.

Brittany is determined to save the production, her friend and her love life.

This is Kristen Landon's first book and is widely available. Check out Kristen's website for more information about her and her book.

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