Thursday, October 22, 2009

Shannon Guymon's "Taking Chances"

Shannon Guymon has been publishing for several years now and I've reviewed some of her other books on my normal blog. This is a zany, lighthearted romance sure to brighten up any day. Here's the blurb:

Meet Maggie Tierney, a lighthearted, kind, free spirit who has a lot to be happy about: at 24, she is independent, successful, a wealthy artist, and she's just inherited a home in beautiful Alpine, Utah, the place where her mother, Lisa, grew up. However, her excitement is colored by the reality that Maggie has never been to Alpine, and that this home was left to her by her estranged great-grandmother, a woman Maggie never met. As Maggie makes the move from St. George to Alpine, she is haunted by her mother's past: a childhood filled with the misery and despair of childhood sexual abuse. However, she is determined to make amends with the relatives she's never met and help heal her mom's childhood wounds.

Armed with Propels, Doritos, and her favorite easel, Maggie dives into Alpine life, ready to make it her home. Despite being 24 and only having had one serious boyfriend in her life, Maggie quickly attracts the attention of Luke Petersen, a man dealing with the death of his fianc� but in need of a friend, and maybe more . . .

Between battling Luke's jealous admirers and quelling the gossip always present in any small town, Maggie has to muster all of her courage and black belt skills in Jujitsu to come to terms with her mother's past, overcome her own fears, and jump into a relationship with unknown but exciting prospects.

Shannon was a Whitney Awards finalist for her previous book last year. Her books are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Deseret Book, Seagull Book & Tape and anywhere else LDS books are sold. You can read more about Shannon and her books here.

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