Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mother and Daughter Teach how to Enjoy the Journey

On Sundays I'm going to try to highlight uplifting reads, which means they will mostly be nonfiction, though I may find a piece of fiction here and there that will qualify too. Today I thought we'd start with "Enjoying the Journey: Steps to Finding Joy Now" by Jaime Theler and her mother Deborah Talmadge. I won this book at a conference last spring and it's a great read that can be taken in little bites or in an afternoon.

As Latter-day Saints we strive for joy in eternal life -- but many struggle to find joy during the journey there. Let this book help you learn to rejoice and find more joy right here, right now. Clearing away the clutter, staying in touch, and living with purpose are only a few of the many tips this book provides to help you enjoy your journey through life. Specific steps in each chapter will guide you through important principles and help you apply them to your feelings, thoughts, and actions. Reach for your full potential as a child of God and find the joy the Lord intends for each of us during our journey back to His presence. Enjoying the Journey is a delightful and heartwarming message for any who need a lift.

You can read an excerpt of her book at Jaime's website, or check out her blog to find out what Jaime is up to now. Deborah's website can be found here. Both women's websites have lists and blurbs of their other publications as well.

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