Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Humorous suspense in "Wake Me When It's Over" by Robison Wells

Robison Wells is one of the funniest guys I know (virtually), so there was no question when I picked up his books that I would be entertained. Rob published three books, then decided he needed to feed his family on a regular basis and returned to school to earn his MBA, just in time for him to graduate last spring after the economy tanked and jobs disappeared like a mirage. The good news is that unemployment has given him plenty of time to start writing again, so we look forward to yet more entertaining books. He seems to be managing to squeeze in writing with his family, blogging, and being president of the Whitney Awards committee again.

His second book, Wake Me When It's Over is a humorous suspense--the first of a three-book series whose back cover blurb follows:

It took months for Eric to work up the courage to ask Rebekah Hughes out, and now the woman of his recent dreams is gone. Kidnapped! At least that's what Eric believes. It's difficult to clearly recall recent events when you're lying semi-conscious, bleeding in the snow. Now it's up to Eric to rescue his new girlfriend--well, his almost-girlfriend. In the great teeter-totter of love, Rebekah has been sitting solidly on the ground, casually ignoring the fact that Eric is dangling four feet above the sandbox. So far, his brilliant, passive approach to winning Rebekah's love hasn't worked--now, perhaps, his unusually daring heroics will sway her. It's worth the trip to find out in this seriously funny, full-throttle ride into the human heart.

"Hire a babysitter, order up a pizza, and take the phone off the hook. Because once you pick up Wake me When It's Over, this book won't leave your hands until you've read it straight through to the last page." --Kerry Blair, author of This Just In.

You can find this book and the second in the series, The Counterfeit, at you can read their first chapters on Rob's website. To read funny tidbits about Rob's life and writing experiences, check out the blog link at the top of the post.

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