Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"Alma" by H.B. Moore

Heather B. Moore is a two-time Whitney Award winner **for her historical fiction, who doubtless would have garnered far more Whitney's for her previous work, if the award had been around that long. Though she wrote for several years before she began work on her Out of Jerusalem series about Nephi's family, she has found her niche in the LDS market doing just that.

Alma is the second in a series of three stories which started with Abinadi, and is expected to end with Alma the Younger, which she is diligently working on right now.

New York Times Best-selling author Jason F. Wright said this about the book. "Alma has it all: vibrant characters, danger, spiritual challenges, and bittersweet joy. Moore has created an epic tale that's simply impossible to put down."

Heather's currently in the middle of her blog tour for the book, and has a list in the sidebar of her blog with links to the various reviews. Some of the bloggers have been giving away copies, so there may still be a chance to enter to win one. You can also check out her website to see the first three chapters of her books here.

I look forward to reading Heather's latest masterpiece myself.

**Don't know what a Whitney Award is? Check it out here.

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