Monday, November 2, 2009

"The Elf and the Princess" by Anna del C. Dye

Monday is YA fantasy day, so here's a book I heard about this week. First, the blurb from the author's website:

Menarm was a well-known and prosperous kingdom. Then a bitter struggle of succession left the kingdom devastated, the people divided.

Now Adren, the last princess of the vanquished realm of Menarm, finds herself alone in a world where women live in the shadow of men. Not only must she battle her enemies, but also a truth that could obliterate her last hope for happiness. On her quest, she finds unlikely allies in a powerful prince and a defiant mercenary, only to be devastated by an ancient elf. Will Adren survive this final assault?

Anna’s in-depth character development makes The Elf and the Princess a brilliant tale of true love, high adventure, and medieval-style warfare. Drawing inspiration from such writers as J.R.R. Tolkien, Anna spins a completely original tale that will leave the reader wanting more.

This is the first in a trilogy which includes Trouble in Elf City and Elfs in a Conquered Realm, all of which are now available for purchase at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. You can learn more about these books and the author at her website.

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