Sunday, November 22, 2009

"Bright Ideas for Young Women Leaders" by Trina Boice

Looking for ideas for your Young Women's organization? Check out Trina Boice's book, Bright Ideas for Young Women Leaders.

Being a Young Women leader requires the eloquence of a Gospel Doctrine teacher, the compassion of a Relief Society president, and the stamina of a Scoutmaster, rolled into one!

On top of that, you are also expected to come up with activity ideas each week. Thankfully, this book provides wonderful ideas on all aspects of the Young Women program. Inside you will find valuable insights on:

  • Structuring Personal Progress
  • Implementing the Young Women values
  • Organizing Girls Camp
  • Planning New Beginnings and Young Women in Excellence
  • Providing leadership instruction
  • Increasing Parental Support
  • Seasonal celebrations
  • Utilizing Internet resources
  • Ideas for Youth Conference
  • Plus 20 other topics!
Trina has lots of other great non-fiction titles. Check out her website to learn more.

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