Sunday, November 1, 2009

C.Z. Bezas, "Powerful Tips for Powerful Teachers"

The "well" has run dry — I feel so burned out.

Why won't they listen to me?

Am I getting through at all?

Ever had these thoughts? If so, you're not alone! Whether you have been called to work with youth, or are a parent, teaching teens can be a most exhilarating, yet demanding commitment. Powerful Tips for Powerful Teachers is a crucial guide to working with today's dynamic youth. Compelling, yet simple, these tips will help you burst beyond fatigue and frustration, launching you toward powerful moments with today's young men and women.

C.S. Bezas has drawn together a variety of preparation tools to help you succeed in your efforts to help the teens under your stewardhip find their spiritual wings. Covering topics like No Throwaway Kids, Spiritual Bumblebees, Dissension in the Classroom, and The Language of the Spirit, this book is filled with thought-provoking essays and reflective questions. Powerful Tips for Powerful Teachers is sure to keep your "well" fresh and full of the living waters of gospel inspiration.

The previous bit was the blurb from the book. I'm thinking with an intro like that, I'm totally going to have to buy it because teaching any age group can be a challenge at times--and my CTR 8s are no exception! The book is available all over the place online. You can check out Cindy's website here to read reviews, learn about her other books, check out her blog and favorite links.

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  1. Heather, thank you for your review. I just saw this and am grateful for all those who work with our priceless youth, like you! Primary teachers in so many ways are on the front lines, helping kids find their greatest worth in this ever-changing world. CTR8s are a squirmy bunch, but so full of clarity of what really matters and it's awesome thinking your CTR8s have you for a teacher!