Monday, June 21, 2010

"Psychic Madman" Jim Karol and LuAnn Stahelli

Come on a journey into one of the world’s most fascinating minds. Entertainer and memory expert, Jim Karol is known to millions of fans. He has performed on NBC’s Phenomenon, the Tonight Show, the Ellen Show, and the Today Show.
Jim dazzles audiences with fun and comedy, all while demonstrating his memorization of 80,000 zip codes, the entire Scrabble dictionary, thousands of digits of pi, every day of the week since the beginning of the modern calendar, and thousands of other facts. He can memorize a shuffled deck of cards in minutes.

For decades his audiences have wondered how The Madman is capable of such extraordinary mental feats. He now shares his knowledge through life stories and technique. Jim aims to show readers just how much the human mind is capable of. Learn how Jim has developed his impressive mind, and give yourself the opportunity to tap into your own extraordinary mental abilities.

In this book, Jim Karol shares his story. You can learn more about the book, and the ghost writer, LuAnn Staheli on her blog. This is her second ghost-written book. She's also a speaker, educator, and writing coach.

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