Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Miss Mae's sweet romance, "When The Bough Breaks"

Miss Mae writes G-rated romances and mysteries that are getting great reviews. Check out When the Bough Breaks. Check out the blurb.

Darlene Moore's reason for shunning Parker Shane has nothing to do with his reputation of being a playboy. She even dates him before the death of her mother forces her to move away. After a two-year absence from Dalesville, she returns home to find
Parker exchanging wedding vows with her sister. Two months later, her sister dies.

Then Richard Ryan, head of Dalesville's wealthy, prominent family, and Parker's employer, goes missing. Could there be a connection to his disappearance and Parker's unexpected promotion?

Danger and questions a plenty barrage Darlene with the deadly speed of a six-shooter. Who called down a representative from a Washington agency? Who later assaulted him? Who attacked Darlene at her friend's apartment? And will Parker's scandalous brand of playboy be changed to one of murderous culprit? Or, in the moment of Darlene's greatest need, might he become her rescuing knight?

You can read more about her books and see the many book trailers on her website. Check out the trailer for When the Bough Breaks below.

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