Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"Life is Tough--I Doubt I'll Make it out Alive" by Stacy Annderson

I first met Stacy Gooch Anderson a year ago when we happened to be at our publisher's office at the same time. She was picking up books for a writer's conference that weekend, and I was dropping off my second manuscript for consideration. She was so warm and friendly, inviting me to join some email groups she was part of and asking about the status of my first book.

I've since had a few more times to speak with her in person, and get to know her online and my impression of her has own grown. This woman has so much on her plate I wonder how she's managed to keep her sanity sometimes, yet she always projects a positive outlook, expresses interest in others, and wows me in her attention to her goals. You've probably heard of her book The Santa Letters, or maybe even her Christmas picture book that was released last fall called The Legend of the Star. Unlike those works of fiction, Life is Tough--I Doubt I'll Make it out Alive is drawn off of her real life, giving a humorous look at the trials we all face in one way or another.

Here's the back cover copy from her book:

Life has been overly kind to me when it comes to handing me its lessons and forcing growth in all dimensions where once there was a young and impetuous sleepy-eyed hag.

Stacey Gooch Anderson, author of The Santa Letters, has had her share of trials as a mother. From making decisions about her career and future to dealing with illness and death in her family, she has learned that life will continue to teach her lessons in all circumstances. These lessons can be poignant, meaningful and in Stacy's case, quite humorous. Stacy reveals a life filled with laughter and wit as she chronicles her adventures of being a mother. Join her as she shared 28 life lessons that changes her perspective and helped her grow in character. Full of humor and practical advice, Life is Tough--I Doubt I'll Make it Out Alive is sure to inspire readers everywhere.

You can learn more about Stacy on her blog. Her books are available through most online retailers.

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