Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"Dawn's Early Light" by Laurie C. Lewis

Laurie C Lewis is the author of the Free Men and Dreamer's series of three books--all surrounding the early years of the newly formed United States. Volume 1 Dark Sky at Dawn, a

nd Volume 2 Twilight's Last Gleaming cover the years from 1781 to the beginning of the third book, Dawn's Early Light. Here's the backliner:

In the spring of 1814, a temporary calm settles along the Patuxent. While the British Navy skulks in the Chesapeake Bay, the Willows' families and their neighbors enjoy a brief season of peace.

That is until Napoleon is subdued.

Britain's navy re-enters the Patuxent, prepared to loose her triumphant European conquerors on America, even as peace negotiations commence in Belgium.

But weeks of relentless British attacks along the waterfront soften the will of the American militia and citizenry, leaving the voracious British military confident that victory is within their grasp. And their primary target? Washington D.C.!

While attentions turn to the defense of the Capital, Sebastian Dupree and his band of mercenaries strike the Willows. Not everyone survives, despite former enemies becoming allies, with the Willows' freed slaves to defend their homes and families.

Mere miles away, the Capital lies in peril, its defense now resting primarily upon citizen soldiers like Jed Pearson, and a most unlikely Naval force--Commodore Joshua Barney's rag-tag fleet of barges called the Chesapeake Flotilla--and the courage of Markus O'Malley and the men who built it.

But Britain's house is also divided over the war, and as the cost mounts in blood and money, rifts widen in her families and government, wearying the mind of the Earl Of Whittingham, and threatening to destroy Arthur Ramsey.

Experience the pain and passion of five families--American, slave and British--as they endure three of the darkest days in American history--the week Washington burned!

Laurie is an incredibly sweet person, and is looking forward to the publication of her fourth book, Awakening Avery, which appears to be a contemporary romance, and is being released in April. You can learn more about Laurie's books (including entering her contests promoting her new release) on her blog or her website.

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