Friday, March 26, 2010

"The Adventures of Hashbrown Winters" by Frank L. Cole

I've met Frank Cole before, but it wasn't until last weekend when we were part of a large group filming a music video that I really understood why this bookstore-manager come author writes books for kids--his zany sense of humor and willingness to try almost anything (even if it meant going home with bruises and strained muscles) showed that he's definitely still young at heart. Also, when he does signings, he gives away these pencils that are heat sensitive and change color where you're holding them--how cool is that?

The Adventures of Hashbrown Winters is Frank's first book, though the second one, Hashbrown Winters and the Mashimoto Madness was released recently as well.

Here's the backliner for the first book:

There I stood, hiding next to the vending machines, disguised as a potted plant. I brushed the plastic leaves from my face and stared down the hallway toward the front double doors. Snow Cone always said one day this ridiculous costume would come in handy.

Fifteen minutes had passed since the last student left for the buses, but I wasn t about to take any chances. Not with my life hanging in the balance. Leaning forward, I peered around the corner just as the sound of footsteps echoed down the hallway. Was this it? Could this be him? Was I about to be pulverized by Hambone while wearing an emergency disguise I had just pulled from my locker?

Hashbrown Winters and his treehouse club of buddies are well known around Pordunce Elementary, especially after Hashbrown's seminar last year on how to give the best show and tell performances... er, presentations.

But when Hashbrown accidentally crosses Hambone Oxcart, the death dealer of Pordunce, he'll need more than just the support of his friends to survive Hambone's wrath.

Join Hashbrown, Snow Cone, Whiz, and the rest of the gang in Frank Cole s hilarious debut novel of the trials and tragedies of fifth grade life. The Adventures of Hashbrown Winters will keep kids and parents alike laughing out loud, groaning in sympathy, and turning pages until well past bedtime.

You can learn more about Frank and his books (and twisted, crazy humor) on his blog.

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